Cosplay event at Westminster mall yesterday! Twas loads of fun and the people were really niceThe Haruko cosplayer was my favorite! I asked her where her vespa was and she told me it was currently in El Paso  Some people asked for my photo too hehe  I saw this wonderful Doctor and spazzed when Sharon pointed him out to me, but alas, I could not get a picture of him  I’m excited for PMX in November now! And I’ll have my Teiko uniform by then too ehe 

Back towards the end of August, I had won a blogger giveaway hosted by Wendy at @makeitpink-wwwmakeitpink  The giveaway was mostly disney stuff, but also included lip gloss and an eyeshadow palette! About two weeks ago, I received the package  Definitely felt like Christmas for me  My favorite thing has to be the poster!~ It was actually created and signed by Wendy’s boyfriend The castle sticker was something extra that Wendy sent me! Wendy is such a sweet person, I’m glad to have gotten to know her 

I went to Laguna beach on Sunday with my sister’s family and my two cousins  It was a spontaneous trip so my cousins were not exactly wearing beach appropriate attire haha  My cousins really liked Laguna beach and said it was more beautiful than this certain beach in Vietnam. I forgot the name they said  Anywho, it was still loads of fun. My cousin Ti swam in the ocean anyways even though he wore jeans! We also found a ton of small crabs and couldn’t help but capture them. We later saw that there was a sign that said not to disturb any creatures of the beach, oops  After spending lots of koala tea time at the beach, we went and got boba at Quickly 

Downtown Disney excursion with the cuzzos and that includes my cousin Annie too  All my cousins are camera shy so my sister and I were trying as much as we can to take surprise photos of them to show our other cousins in Vietnam LOL Didn’t work out too well though   My cousins did enjoy the many shops and they loved the fireworks  There’s fireworks in Vietnam too, but my cousins told me they’re only displayed for special occasions like Christmas. We also got the usual snacks and boba at Quickly and they were yumsies as usual 

The time has finally come! My cousin and their family from Vietnam finally came to America! California to be exact. They came on Thursday and my family waited THREEEE HOURSSS before they came out of the terminal, even though their plane landed at 4:30pm  It was a nice reunion considering we haven’t seen them in over 9 years  I thought my cousins looked the same, but they told me I looked totally different haha. We all went to eat Pho and then went back to my Uncles House(Annie’s house) so they can unpack some of their belongings. The first night, my cousins and I did a typical thing we did all the time when I had went to Vietnam: Play cards  Bahaha, how asian of us. We caught up with each other and whatnot. It was really nice. The second day, we didn’t do much, but had a small welcoming party for them. We had hot pot to eat  On the third day we went to Class 302 for shaved ice. SO DAMN GOOD! The green tea was eh, BUT DAT MANGOOOO. It made my kokoro go doki doki, no lie  The other food was good too like the sweet potato fries! We also went to The Block for some shopping, but they ended up not buying anything. I dragged my cousins with me to get free samples, they were so shy about it LOL 

Anyways, I’m having a lot of fun with my cousins here! Even though they only speak viet haha. They’re both really enjoying California.Now that they’re here, all three of us can’t wait till our other three cousins come in the next few months that’s coming.

I hung out with my cousin Ivy again and also my nephew, Matthew. We went to Round 1! But Round 1 was mostly for Ivy and Matthew. I just ogled the rilakkuma plushies from afar  My cousin tried so desperately to get this certain Korilakkuma plush, you should have seen her face when this other girl was walking around holding the very same one Ivy was trying to get  After they played some claw machines(even Matthew!) and some other games, Matthew left the place with some candies and a bunch of spider toys  We then went to Forever21 so Ivy can look at dresses and I tried on a bunch of dresses too for the heck of it. I only liked one of them, but I didn’t have much money on me so I didn’t get it  After that we headed over to Morning Glory. The 50 cent pokemon claw machine was still there, but all the Pokemon plushies were underneath the Madagascar characters, I was so sad  I ended up buying a planner from Morning Glory. There was a calendar I was gonna get too that was 50% off since it’s a 2012 calendar, but I forgot to get it when I went to pay for the planner LOL  It’s okay! I still love my new planner just as much  Cosme World was located next door to Morning Glory so we made a stop there. Ivy bought air freshener for her car. It smelled really nice! Then we headed for home and my sister brought home leftovers from her Black Angus with her husband. Oh what a feast us three(that includes my nephew Matthew!) had!

oh oops! Forgot to add that there’s a pet store next to Round 1 so we went in because I saw cats. And I fucking love cats and these cats were soooooooo purdy..When one of the shopkeepers came out with food all the cats freaken jumped her trying to get at it. I really want another cat.. 

I had a date  with my mom yesterday. We were originally planning to go to the Swapmeet, but we woke up a bit late so instead we went to Goodwill  I managed to find a sweet clock  that was brand new, a nice pink tank top, and black high heels. For a grand total of around 10$ Purple tags were 50% off, so my heels were half off The clock had some smudges and stuff, but a little windex did the job of getting rid of that  The tank top is a size Medium and I’m usually a Small so I think I’ll be using it as a dress more than as a tank top  I use to have a pair of heels, but after moving houses, I really don’t know what happened to them! I’ve been borrowing my sister’s for fancy occasions. Her feet are a little bigger than mine though, so walking in them is a pain! I’m glad I found a pair of heels in my size, my cousin’s wedding is on the 25th so I’ll be wearing these babies  

After thrifting, my mom and I went to Thuan Kieu in the Bolsa area to eat Com Tam! It’s my family’s favorite place to eat com tam and we use to go all the time when my dad was still around. It was very nostalgic eating there  I ordered beef with rice and a side of egg. My mom got pork, steamed egg, and rice. Both were very delicious  We then went to a korean market to buy a ton of corn since it was on sale. The corn tastes so sweet! It’s perfect for making Elote 

Annnnnnnd I finally got the green wig I ordered off of eBay today  It’s for my Shintaro Midorima cosplay for PMX in November. He’s from Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko’s Basketball, which I am totally obsessing and fangirling over these days  

Annnnnnnd I finally got the green wig I ordered off of eBay today  It’s for my Shintaro Midorima cosplay for PMX in November. He’s from Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko’s Basketball, which I am totally obsessing and fangirling over these days  

Went around Bolsa to do errands with my sister yesterday. Also took the kids to get a haircut. I got a haircut too, but I really didn’t like how my bangs turned out so I ended up fixing it when I got home  Picture up there is a before picture. Not gonna bother putting an after since it looks almost the same except my hair is lighter and an inch shorter. Ahh I miss eating ToGo food at Sun Moon and drinking Nuoc Mia  La Mirada is more white washed and I also live in the Korean District so it’s hard to find any vietnamese shops around here. Though there are two Pho restaurants near my house haha 

On another note. It seemed like OCC was having a malfunction regarding registering(I had emailed them). Needless to say, I got all my classes back! 

The other day I hung out with my cousin Ivy  She’s getting her wisdom teeth taken out on Saturday, so I told her we should go out to eat before she could only eat non-solid food. We went to Chili’s and we actually took my nephew, Matthew, along too! I’ve never eaten at Chili’s before, but I thought the food was pretty good, though on the smaller side  After eating we went to Yogurtland since it was next to Chilis. Oh heavens, I’ve gone way too many times in two weeks. I shared with my nephew Matthew and ate less than half since he wanted it more than I did  We then went to Fancy Box to do Cues and it was my cousin’s first time so she had a lot of fun. Matthew had a lot of fun too! He was mostly climbing on the bars and we’d have to hold him up for pictures cause he was too short