God Bless Dick Suckers

Me: What are you doing
30 minutes later.
Dylan: Sorry, been having sexy time.
Me: Oh shit, sexy time is the best time. Sorry for intruding!
Dylan: Nah it's fine, we're not even a thing or even interested in each other, shes a friend who honest to God just likes sucking dick, so sometimes she spontaneously goes down on me when we're hanging. God bless her soul.
Dylan: She's an angel.

I fucking hate cockroaches with a passion.

I just wanna destroy all of them.

My manager is the Asian Gordon Ramsay.

My coworkers and I made a few mistakes today. One gave a customer too much chili and ended up throwing it all away, which was wasteful. Another almost gave food to the wrong table. I inputted a customer’s order wrong so the incorrect food that was made also went to waste.

My manager then said, “Did you guys not eat breakfast today or what? Come on, get your shit together.” Then he later grabbed the ticket rack and put it on the expo station, telling us, “Look at the damn tickets and tell me if there’s any other problems that need to be fixed now.”

After that the restaurant grew very quiet and the only thing that could be heard was the shuffling of our feet as we tried to pull ourselves together.

Don’t snap your fingers or whistle at your waitresses. It’s rude as fuck. I’ve never seen women do this, only men, which means that it’s a patriarchal and dominance issue.

I had to resist the urge of telling off a patron, that was dining at the restaurant, for constantly snapping their fingers at me to signal my attention. 

Fuck the patriarchy.

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Way up high
Where the air is thin
Thoughts are stagnant
All held within

Clouds of nothing
No sunshine too
Just a blank canvas
Created by you

Life can’t be rewind. It can’t be skipped forward. All you can really do, is just play along with it.


There’s this guy who comes to eat at Sup really often. I’ve caught him on the days I’d be working, dining alone or with a friend. I saw him again last night and spoke to him a bit. He asked me what my name was and I returned the favor. Atticus! His name is Atticus. Super sweet regular. I never know the names of regulars and no one ever asks for my name so it kind of made my day in a way.


P: I'm free tonight if you're not too tired from work to hang out.
Me: Oh, did someone miss me?

Loving Insults

Dylan: Peace. Have fun loser.
Me: Why am I a loser all of a sudden?
Dylan: Loser with love.
Me: You just added that.
Dylan: It was implied.
Me: No it wasnt.
Dylan: You should of assumed.
Me: No way I could have assumed that.
Dylan: From now on all of me insulting you is with love.