Two shots and Im out

I was walking across the parking lot when a gentleman stopped me. He stuttered, trying to find the right words, before finally telling me, “Hey, are you Vietnamese?” I responded with a “Uh yeah.” Then he said, “I just wanted to let you know you’re pretty.” I thanked him and tried to continue on my journey towards the library, but he interjected by cutting me off and continuing with chit chat. By that point I thought, “OKAY. WHATEVER. I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO RIGHT NOW ANYWAYS” so I returned the chit chat. We sat on some stone ledges by the Philosophy building where he proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions about school, what I do in my spare time, my relationship status, and just a plethora of things. I didn’t want to tell all which made me appear defensive with every question that was thrown at me. Eventually I told him that I’m not interested in Hispanics, which didn’t really deter him away. The talk went on and eventually he had to get to his class and I told him I was going to go to the library and read. He asked me for a form of contact, a number, facebook, email, instagram, something. But I politely refused and told him to just look for me around school. “Good luck” I said.

I’m at school two days a week and out of the two days, only one of the days do I actually show my face around the campus. The chance of meeting is slim.

He was a pushy, pushy 26 year old hailing from Westminster. I don’t even remember his name. But that’s probably because I had taken whiskey before the encounter haha.

There are no words to describe how shitty you feel when you accidentally serve a Vegetarian food with meat.


Waiting, waiting.

Making the change from working at Daiso to Sup Noodle Bar has been great.

From three days of working, I’ve been able to make over 100$ in tips alone. I’m able to keep 95% of my tips while the other 5% goes to the kitchen staff. That money doesn’t even include the hours I get paid for.

The work is busy of course whereas at Daiso I stood around on my feet for 7 hours straight just scanning items and reminding customers of the store policy. At Sup, I’m running around, setting up and cleaning while trying not to burn myself or trip over spilled broth. Interaction with my coworkers is a little more limited, but the ones I constantly see during my shifts are very friendly. I’m enjoying being a waitress for the time being. Its not as bad as some people make it out to be. I lost a bit of money from my trip to San Francisco but working is allowing me to quickly make what was lost back.

Coast to Chicago

About a month and a half ago, three additional cousins of mine, from Vietnam, made the migration to California. The middle one, the one whom happens to be my favorite out of the bunch, is leaving for Chicago, Illinois tomorrow morning for work purposes.

I’m sad.

Due to school, work, and living far, I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with him. My cousin is going alone while his brothers stay back in California because they’ve both found a job for themselves.

Still though.

I’m pretty bummed.

Anyways. On his last night, I took him and the rest of my cousins out and about. We ended the day getting drinks. During the waiting period at the place we went to, three guys came up to us and made small talk. I laughed the whole time while these guys tried to converse with my nonenglish speaking cousins. Two guys were white and one Vietnamese so eventually the Vietnamese one spoke my cousins native language. It was all so very random but they asked all of us to hang out with them sometime and gave two of my cousins and myself their numbers. My cousins saved their numbers, but I didn’t. My cousin, the one leaving, liked the interaction and it made him more sad to leave when he made new friends.

I can’t help you when you’re sad
That’s a constant source of pain to me
Because I want to really bad
Even though you make it seem like nothing

elliott smith —


December 7, 2012
which is why I refuse to ever let you go


December 7, 2012

which is why I refuse to ever let you go

You Make It Seem Like Nothing / Elliott Smith


I got your hopes right way up high
Way on up there where the air is thin
The limit is supposed to be the sky
I’m trying not to let you down again


Citizens of tumblr, you will be graced with the presence of Elliott Smith’s haunting vocals and wonderful guitar playing. I also happen to like the font (courier new) that was used in this simplistic lyrical video. The song can be straightforward, but at the same time I feel its also vague and many interpretations can be given to it.

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Anonymous sent:
your "Toys and playthings" post is very contradicting.

Because I’ve done it too. I did to others what was done to me because I became especially bitter towards men. It became easy for me to be manipulative after experiencing it myself. Even four years after the incident, I continued to string along guys. When I say I hate people, it also means I hated myself. Contradicting? Of course it is. I’m not a Saint. 

People grow bored of people. That’s why people and our own selves are temporary beings because were always changing and growing, physically and mentally. But people should treat others with respect instead of throwing them away like that. I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t do it anymore. At this very point in my life, after seeing it happen so many times and doing it to others as well, it truly does upset me when I see it happen.


I find myself having more dreams about my dad lately. They have never been this recurrent before. Last night I ended up calling out his name before waking up in tears.

It makes me wonder if its a sign. If he’s trying to tell me something.